Brain Boy


The SECRET STORIES is a multi-modal, brain-based, teacher ‘bag-of-tricks’ that transforms reading and writing abilities of primary and struggling, intermediate grade learners. Through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic means, the SECRET STORIES activates every learning channel within the learner, and personally connects them to the skills.

Because there is no inherent meaning with regard to letters and the sounds they make, reading, writing and spelling can be very difficult to teach, and even more difficult to learn. This seemingly endless array of phonemic letter patterns and sounds can appear random and overwhelming to beginning and struggling readers, alike… unless of course, they know the grown-up, reading and writing SECRETS - the logical explanations for why letters/letter patterns make the sounds that they do!

VOILÀ! The facts have now been changed!

Using the SECRET STORIES to underscore existing reading and writing curriculum and instruction means no more rote memorization and repetitive, isolated phonics-skill practice! No more telling learners “It just is…It just does…You just have to remember!” Now you can just let them in on the SECRET!

As the facts have now changed, so has the game-
The game of ‘reading and writing!’

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New Fun and Funky Poster Set

New Common Core Literacy Poster Set

New Common Core Literacy Poster Sets