‘AU /AW’

have a huge crush on each other, and whenever they have to stand ‘side-by-side’ in a word, they get so embarrassed,
they always look down and say-


in love pin it
Examples: August, awful, awesome, autumn


‘EU / EW’

These letters are very “prim and proper” little girls who are deathly afraid of mice! If they ever see one, they will jump up-high, in complete disgust, screaming —


and that’s the sound they make!

ewww! a mouse
Examples: few, chew, neutral, neuron pin it


‘ER /IR /UR’

They LOVE to go driving in cars,
but they are terrible, awful, horrible, ‘no-good’ drivers-
so they always have to slam on the brakes!


terrible drivers
Examples: bird, turn, corner pin it



These two letters should never be together- EVER!
And yet, pick up any book, and look at any page,
And there they are, side-by-side!

And whenever they are together in a word,
They always do exactly the same thing-
They ‘stick their tongues out at each other’ and say-


the ol raspberry pin it
Examples: this, that, those, them, they



Whenever three friends play together,
one always seems to get ‘left-out.’

And when these three play-
it’s always ‘poor little o’ that never gets to join in the fun!

That’s why, when ‘o, u & s’ get together…

“It’s just…………… “US!”

two is company, three is a crowd pin it
Examples: ridiculous, strenuous, joyous

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