The SECRET STORIES® provide logical explanations for why letters make the sounds that they do— adding meaning where there would otherwise be none! From the Superhero Vowels® and Sneaky Y®, to the Mommy e® and the Babysitter Vowel® strategies, the Secrets equip learners with logical explanations that the brain craves!

All of the SECRET STORIES® Classroom Kits contain the book, posters and musical/brain-teaser CD.  Varied poster options are available (depending on classroom size and teacher preference) as described, below.  (Note that the Home/Parent Kit is identical to the class sets, but without the posters.)


(All include the new 2.0 book version—Peek inside here!)

Original Kit
Includes: SECRET STORIES® Book, CD and 11×16.5-inch posters, printed on lighter-weight paper without the yellow border, allowing them to be cut down in size to save space! 
Fun & Funky Kit
Includes: SECRET STORIES® Book, CD and 12×18-inch posters, printed on heavier paper with a wavy, yellow border (by KPM Doodles) creating the perfect visual barrier when mounted together on the classroom wall!
Space-Saver Kit
Includes: SECRET STORIES® Book, CD and 8.5×11-inch “Space Saver” Posters, printed on heavy paper with a thin yellow border, ideal for multi-purpose/hands-on use, as well as easy display in small spaces, such as resource or departmentalized settings. *Please Note that Space Saver Posters may be purchased separately (below). 

“Add-On” Supplements/Support

Replacement Poster Packs

6x6 flashcards
6×6 Flashcards
6×6-inch Flashcards ONLY! A perfect supplement to the SECRET STORIES® Classroom Kit or Parent/Home Version, the SECRET STORIES® Flashcards contain the visuals on the front and the “abridged” story text on the back, allowing for quick and easy reference. Ideal for “hands-on” manipulative use in small and whole group instruction, literacy centers, resource settings, one-on-one tutoring/volunteer work, etc… *Please Note that the SECRET STORIES® Book/CD are not included, as this is a supplemental item containing the Flashcards only.
cover image
Porta-Pic Pack
Includes: Set of 25, 12×18-inch trifold visuals  for individual/portable use, both in and outside the classroom! Each individual Porta-Pic tri-fold includes thumbnail-sized versions of the SECRET STORIES® graphics, separated by bright yellow border (by KPM Doodles) for easy visual reference anywhere in the classroom or at home—offering an ideal way to keep your parents in the learning loop! *Please Note that the SECRET STORIES® Book/CD are not included, as this is a supplemental item containing the graphics, only.
Secret Stories Poster Set
Original Posters
Secret Stories Poster Set
Fun & Funky
Secret Stories Space Saver Poster Set
Space Saver Posters

Includes: Posters ONLY! (See complete kits above for sizes and descriptions.) *Please Note that these poster sets are offered for replacement/upgrade purposes only and are intended for use with the SECRET STORIES® Book and CD (not included). 


SECRET STORIES® Book Only (with CD)

Parent/Home Kit
Includes: SECRET STORIES® Book (with 3×4 inch cut-apart card visuals of all  SECRET STORIES® graphics in back section) and Musical Practice CD (Identical to the SECRET STORIES® Classroom Kits, but without the posters!)

*Please Note that when space allows, the recommended option for home-use is the  “Space-Saver” Kit (above), which includes both the Dual-Use Placards AND the cut-apart card visuals.


 To view additional support items offered in digital download format, Click Here!  

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Qty Item Price
Fun & Funky Classroom Kit  $95.00

Original Classroom Kit  $90.00

Space-Saver Kit $92.50

6×6 Flashcards Only $42.50

Porta-Pics Pack-25  (Graphics only) $65.00

Space Saver (Posters Only) $62.50

Fun & Funky (Posters Only)  $65.00

Original (Posters Only) $60.00

Parent/Home Version (Book & CD Only) $75.00