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Secret Stories Book
[Item #2002]

This kit contains everything needed for SECRET STORIES® instruction and reference at home or in a small-group/tutorial setting, including small, cut-apart cards (in back section of book) for use in place of posters for skill reference.
Includes: SECRET STORIES® book and musical sound-skill practice CD.

“They are really helping my students. I teach first grade and wanted to share the following letter sent to me by one of my parents about their child’s progress-“  “I see a huge difference from last week and this week in (child’s name) reading. I know that this may seem extreme, but we went over his vocabulary words yesterday and he got everyone right except for 1 or 2 that he needed some help on. When he was trying to figure the words out, I could hear him whispering some of the “secrets” to figure them out. This is amazing since I am usually ‘sweating it’ on Thursday night to still try and get him to comprehend these words. Something that I thought might be helpful to me and the other parents is if we could have the “secrets” at home too, so we are all teaching the kids in the same manner. They have already made an impression on my child, as I am seeing results already!”
Ashley / First Grade Teacher
Huntsville, AL

“I have not seen so much excitement from our teachers in the four years that I have been the assistant principal here.  They all LOVE the ‘secrets!’”
(On a more personal note, I have twins in the first grade.  Well, just one week after their teachers started using the Secret Stories, they both came home and started telling me the ‘secrets!’  I was amazed at their interactions as well, as they couldn’t keep from telling each other the ‘secrets’ from their respective classes- from the “Momma E” to the “Super Hero” vowels- their interest and excitement was remarkable!)  Once again, thank you from the entire staff!”
P.J./ Assistant Principal
Atlanta, Georgia

“The reading specialist at my school lent me her copy of the Secret Stories to use over the summer with an LD student that I’m tutoring.  Your program is amazing, he loves the stories, and I can finally see him actually “getting” the whole decoding thing. Therefore, I’m personally purchasing the program! Congratulations for creating a decoding program that finally works!”
Pat/ ‘Learning Disabilities’ Teacher
Omaha, Nebraska

“Our school has ordered the SECRET STORIES for all of our grade levels- they are wonderful!  I have really pumped your strategies with my teachers and they absolutely love them! (as do my OWN children!!) It is great!  I tell everyone I know about your book.  My oldest son has had a hard time with reading and The Secret Stories have made a world of difference with him.  My youngest son has learned to read because of the stories.  Thank you so much for what you have done!”
Carolyn/ Literacy Facilitator
Roanoke, Virginia

“Although I am a teacher, I had never heard about Secret Stories, but my next-door neighbor swears by them and said she’s never seen her children make greater gains than those she observed after sharing these ‘secrets’ with them.  I have since gotten and used the ‘secrets’ with my own students and am now thoroughly convinced that they are, BY FAR the best thing out there to get kids reading- AND EASILY!!!  Thanks for your amazing ‘tricks!’”
Becky/ Kindergarten Teacher
Melbourne, Florida


“Ten years ago last October, I suffered a major stroke which left me with aphasia.  Through therapy and much hard work, I now feel confident conversing with parents.  A friend of mine is a 6-year survivor of a completely different kind of stroke.  She is experiencing aphasia, but I’ve also noticed some gaps in her reading-ability.  Working with her using your “Secret Stories” has started to make a major difference in her reading-ability, and I am requesting a parent set of your program to allow me to work with her.  I will continue to update you on her progress as well as that of my students.   Thank you, Katie, for making this program so readily available and so easy for teachers like me to grasp.  It adds an entirely new dimension to my program and to my friend’s life as a stroke survivor.”

(Follow-up Letter)
“These stories are enabling my lowest readers in third grade to crack the codes, learning to read and write each word better every day,   Thank you! As I mentioned in a previous email to you a while back, as a 10 year stroke survivor myself, I frequently get together with a friend of mine who had her stroke 6 years ago.  My friend had a different type of stroke in which she had completely ‘lost’ the ability to read.  I worked with her using the Secret Stories and saw much progress – she is able to read parts of words, and your stories help her pick-up on skills she had lost due to the stroke. I will pass this program on to other stroke survivors with your permission- What a difference this has made in so many lives!”
Terri/ Third Grade Teacher
Riviera Beach, Florida