Poster Set Only – Space-Saver Posters
Secret Stories Space Saver Posters ONLY Posters Only

[Item #2015P]

This is a set of 8.5×11-inch “Space-Saver” SECRET STORIES® Posters ONLY!
Secret Stories Space-Saver Poster Samples

Includes: 8.5×11-inch “Space-Saver Posters” ONLY! Printed on heavy paper with a thin yellow border, ideal for multi-purpose/hands-on use, as well as easy display in small spaces, such as resource or departmentalized settings. A perfect addition to the SECRET STORIES® Classroom Kit, the Space-Saver Posters provide an additional “hands-on” set of visuals for easy access and small or whole groups anywhere in the classroom!

**Please Note that the SECRET STORIES® Book/CD are not included, as this is a supplemental item containing the graphics, only.