“I would tell any elementary grade teacher the following— These are the most useful and interactive posters I have in my classroom. If nothing else goes on your walls, hang these posters!!!’                                                                                                                                             Aimee/ Second Grade Teacher                                                                                             Wellington, Florida

“The Secret Stories are the life-blood of our classroom.  They are always in view, see always in our whole group and small group conversations.  We can’t read words without them.  They are our best friends.  They are the tools the students are taking with them to second grade!”  
Tara/ First Grade Teacher
Parkersburg, West Virginia

“Needless to say, I have had numerous messages since your workshop with teachers in our district last Saturday, and they are all very positive—  “Engaging… Outstanding… Best session Mercer County has had in quite a while… Katie is FANTASTIC…Great session…Every K-5 teacher should hear her…Please bring her back in the Fall…I am going to being using what I learned on Monday…” And that’s just a sampling of what I received!”                                               Rick B./ Ass. Superintendent                                                                                                 Princeton, West Virginia

“One of our Kindergarten teachers got this for her classroom and her class went so far, so fast with the Secrets that she nearly passed up the next grade level!  What a buzz they have been causing around here!”
Sandra/ Kindergarten/ 1st Grade Inclusion Teacher
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

“I have been an elementary grade teacher more years than I can count, and the strategies you shared at workshop were of more use to me, and more beneficial to my students, than anything I have ever brought back to my classroom!
Thank you for revitalizing my year!”
Carolyn/ Second Grade Teacher
Burbank, California

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I have 12 RTI tier 2 & 3 kinders in my class. We have struggled ALL year trying to learn the letters and sounds with our county’s curriculum. During the winter break I finally said “Enough!” and went searching for some other way for my “other” learners to be able to understand the letter sounds. I decided to purchase the vowel pack and downloaded the sampler. I printed them and introduced them. I added the Better Alphabet song to my morning calendar routine. I can not begin to tell you how amazed I am in the number of letters and sounds my kids have picked up in the past 4 weeks! They have learned more letters and sounds this past month than they had learned all year! Even my teacher-friend next door to me is starting to use it in her class because she’s seen such a difference in the kids she is tutoring from my class!”
Kim R./ Kindergarten Teacher
Birmingham, Alabama

“I am totally in L-O-V-E with the Secret Stories!  My K-5 intervention reading groups are absolutely reaping amazing rewards of this resource! I really wish that I had had years ago!”                   Jennifer Kaden                                                                                                                                 Ft. Pierce, Florida

“After just two days I realized I could no longer teach reading or writing without them!  It is absolutely amazing how easily they remember!”                                                                               Virginia/ Kindergarten Teacher                                                                                                       Lake Vil, IL

“Our fourth grade team just shared the ‘ous’ secret- the kids immediately ‘got’ it, and BOOM– They were using it!  Kids just soak them up!  Now it seems like there are Secrets looming around every corner, in every lesson, and our kids want to know them all!!”
Janis-Tameika/ Fourth Grade Teacher
Washington D.C.

“The Secret Stories are wonderful!!!! I love how they are being used at the different grade levels.  My superintendent came through and was EXTREMELY IMPRESSED! He’s thinking about taking them district-wide!”
Beth/ Elementary School Principal
Kalamazoo, Michigan

“We had a third to about a half of our students reading at or below grade level at the beginning of the year. Within three months, 90-to-95-percent are at or above grade level…. the Secret Stories is the only tool that has proved a success…When kids cannot decode words it makes learning pretty much impossible because they’re concentrating on decoding instead of comprehension. Once they can decode, we can teach to learn, instead of teach to read.”
Alana A./ Elementary School Principal
Sparks, Nevada

“My entire class is at least one level above grade-level in reading, with most 2 or 3 levels above, and it’s only January!!!  And their developmental spelling is improving every day!”
April/ First Grade Teacher
Irvine, Kentucky

“My intermediate teachers were amazed at the common sense of the Secret Stories- to explain away all of the inconsistencies in our language by simply telling learners the ‘secret’ behind the pattern. It’s just so simple!”
Barbara/ Reading First Literacy Coach
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Students were almost frenzied in their demands to hear more and more of these “secret” explanations for words and sounds that had never made sense to them before! (and these are the kids who act like they could care less 99% of the time!)  Just watching their faces as everything started to come together for them….What a find your Secret Stories are! These tools should be a part of curriculum everywhere. What a gift to our children’s future!“
Edie/ Fourth-Fifth Grade- SLD
Boston, Massachusetts

“The Secret Stories have made their way into the Main Office with a ‘Wall of Secrets’ outside my door! Students just love to share them with myself and my assistant principal. I am so thrilled to see staff so rejuvenated about teaching reading!”
Charlotte/ Elementary School Principal
Dallas, Texas

“One week into the Secret Stories and I have already seen a difference in my sons learning! I’m amazed. He read to me without struggling and getting frustrated and even sat down and wrote out sentences for his classwork without asking me for help on how to spell a word!!! I can’t wait to see what happens over the next month! His confidence has soared and he’s sounding out word after word after word. I’m crying by the way! One month ago he crawled under his bed crying and calling himself stupid for not being able to sound out words. Today he is looking around to see if there’s a word he can try to sound out!  Thank YOU!!!!”
Jill J./ Parent
Boise, Idaho

“The Secret Stories are sooooo easy, even for me, with an intermediate-background! I love how it fits with whatever I am teaching, in any subject!  I truly believe this is not only helping my students tremendously in reading, but in their written expression, as well! Such effective, and yet easy-to-use tools!”                                                                                                                                                                  Elise/ Fourth Grade Teacher
Port St. Lucie, Florida

“I share it with EVERY teacher I meet because I know the difference it makes!”
Heather/ Second Grade Teacher
Lake Worth, Florida

“I’ve been telling ‘secrets’ faster I can keep track! The kids are nuts about them!”
Ana/First Grade Teacher
Boston, Massachusetts

“They are really helping my students. I teach first grade and wanted to share the following letter sent to me by one of my parents about their child’s progress-“  “I see a huge difference from last week and this week in (child’s name) reading. I know that this may seem extreme, but we went over his vocabulary words yesterday and he got everyone right except for 1 or 2 that he needed some help on. When he was trying to figure the words out, I could hear him whispering some of the Secret Stories to figure them out. This is amazing since I am usually sweating it on Thursday night to still try and get him to comprehend these words. Something that I thought might be helpful to me and the other parents is if we could have the “secrets” at home too, so we are all teaching the kids in the same manner. They have already made an impression on my child, as I am seeing results already!”
Ashley/First Grade Teacher
Huntsville, Alabama

“I have not seen so much excitement from our teachers in the four years that I have been the assistant principal here.  They all LOVE the secrets!’”
(On a more personal note, I have twins in the first grade.  Well, just one week after their teachers started using the Secret Stories, they both came home and started telling me the ‘secrets!’  I was amazed at their interactions as well, as they couldn’t keep from telling each other the ‘secrets’ from their respective classes- from the “Momma E” to the “Super Hero” vowels- their interest and excitement was remarkable!)  Once again, thank you from the entire staff!”
P.J./ Assistant Principal
Atlanta, Georgia

“You did it!! You harnessed muscle memory for phonics skill acquisition! Children who learn this way have a strong foundation and learning will be automatic, and this is critical to the reading and writing process!!! Thank YOU! Genius!!!”                                                                                                     Sarah H./Reading Coach                                                                                                                     Little Rock, Arkansas

“We absolutely LOVED your workshop! I had 19/20 kindergarteners know ALL letters and sounds by the first report card thanks to the Secret Stories “Better Alphabet!”….WOOHOO!!! They are soaking up the Secret Stories like little sponges! My students have learned all but a handful of the secrets and its just November! They see them every single day in text, so why not help them make sense of what they read and write? Children truly feel like rock stars when they can sound out and write words that others can read with no problem. Their favorite time of day is Handwriting, and the turning point every year is when I do your “Zookeepers and M&M” lesson Kindergarten writing blossoms instantly! The Secret Stories have absolutely changed the way I teach. The confidence I see daily in my students is the most rewarding part! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”                              Anna H./Kindergarten Teacher                                                                                                                 Birmingham, Alabama 

“The reading specialist at my school lent me her copy of the Secret Stories to use over the summer with an LD student that I’m tutoring.  Your program is amazing, he loves the stories, and I can finally see him actually “getting” the whole decoding thing. Therefore, I’m personally purchasing the program! Congratulations for creating a decoding program that finally works!”
Pat/ SLD Teacher
Omaha, Nebraska

“Our school has ordered the SECRET STORIES for all of our grade levels- they are wonderful!  I have really pumped your strategies with my teachers and they absolutely love them! (as do my OWN children!!) It is great!  I tell everyone I know about your book.  My oldest son has had a hard time with reading and The Secret Stories have made a world of difference with him.  My youngest son has learned to read because of the stories.  Thank you so much for what you have done!”
Carolyn/ Literacy Facilitator
Roanoke, Virginia

“Although I am a teacher, I had never heard about Secret Stories, but my next-door neighbor swears by them and said she’s never seen her children make greater gains than those she observed after sharing these ‘secrets’ with them.  I have since gotten and used the ‘secrets’ with my own students and am now thoroughly convinced that they are, BY FAR the best thing out there to get kids reading- AND EASILY!!!  Thanks for your amazing ‘tricks!’”
Becky/ Kindergarten Teacher
Melbourne, Florida

“Ten years ago last October, I suffered a major stroke which left me with aphasia.  Through therapy and much hard work, I now feel confident conversing with parents.  A friend of mine is a 6-year survivor of a completely different kind of stroke.  She is experiencing aphasia, but I’ve also noticed some gaps in her reading-ability.  Working with her using your “Secret Stories” has started to make a major difference in her reading-ability, and I am requesting a parent set of your program to allow me to work with her.  I will continue to update you on her progress as well as that of my students.   Thank you, Katie, for making this program so readily available and so easy for teachers like me to grasp.  It adds an entirely new dimension to my program and to my friend’s life as a stroke survivor.”

(Follow-up Letter)
“These stories are enabling my lowest readers in third grade to crack the codes, learning to read and write each word better every day,   Thank you! As I mentioned in a previous email to you a while back, as a 10 year stroke survivor myself, I frequently get together with a friend of mine who had her stroke 6 years ago.  My friend had a different type of stroke in which she had completely ‘lost’ the ability to read.  I worked with her using the Secret Stories and saw much progress – she is able to read parts of words, and your stories help her pick-up on skills she had lost due to the stroke. I will pass this program on to other stroke survivors with your permission- What a difference this has made in so many lives!”
Terri/ Third Grade Teacher
Riviera Beach, Florida


“How do I begin to thank you for the fabulous job you did today! The staff has fallen in love with you! You had as much passion and energy at 3:00 as you did at 8:30! The feedback from the staff was amazing! Nearly every teacher thanked me for bringing you to the school, and they’ve already requested a follow-up training! I even have teachers requesting the book immediately so they can plan to implement their new learning over the summer! It is the highest honor when you are able to motivate a staff that has been working since the beginning of September, and has nearly run of steam at this time of the year. Thank you for a most informative and pleasurable day!”
Joanne/ Elementary School Assistant Principal
Brooklyn, New York

Another professional development day….“Oh joy, another 8 hours of sitting while thinking of all the productive things I could be accomplishing in my classroom!” That’s what many teachers think when we hear the dreaded “training days” agenda.That all changed in when I heard you speak! It was the best 8 hours of any training I had ever attended. I walked away with a renewed motivation and I couldn’t wait to share these brain based strategies and reading tools with my students!   

Chastity/Kindergarten Teacher
Elkins, West Virginia

“My goodness, what an impression you made on my staff and I! Our district has 12 Pre/K- 6th elementary schools, with many attending the Dallas GT conference. My teachers returned to work today begging me to bring you to the school! Our librarian couldn’t wait to tell me about your presentation, and she doesn’t get excited about workshops as such. Only one day back and already she and two of my other teachers have been by to show me and tell me all that they learned at your session, so know that you are kind of a rockstar amongst my staff! Thank you for breathing new life into a very long school year with your inspiration and wonderful ideas about teaching reading with the brain in mind!”
Linda/ Elementary School Principal
Duncansville, Texas

“I attended your workshop at VSRA and wanted to let you know that it was the talk of the weekend!  Everywhere I went, people were raving about you and the Secret Stories, and about how wonderful the workshop was! The Secrets are the perfect ‘support’ to the strategies I use in Reading Recovery-  I know my kids will love it!”
Carol/ Reading Recovery Coach
Arlington, Virginia

“Our teachers saw your workshop at the National Title I Conference and couldn’t stop talking about you!  The students absolutely LOVE the stories that have been introduced so far! Much Appreciation from our entire team-“
Tasha/ First Grade Teacher
Lafayette, Louisiana

Several of our teachers just returned from the workshop you presented at our state reading conference and were so excited! I am the Title I coordinator for the district, and I have never seen my teachers this excited about anything before. Congratulations on such an inspirational presentation, and I hope to have you come out and work with our schools directly next Fall! 
Joanne/ Title I Coordinator
New Orleans, Louisiana

“Thank you for the fabulous workshop you presented in Santa Clara, California.  You certainly wowed me!  I have been an elementary grade teacher more years than I can count, and the strategies you shared were of more use to me, and more beneficial to my students than anything I have ever brought to my classroom!
Thank you for revitalizing my year!”

Carolyn/ Kindergarten Teacher
Burbank, California

“After your presentation for our district, my school was buzzing the following day…”Was there enough money to purchase your book and materials for all the grade levels?” Nobody wanted to be left out!  Our principal was so thrilled that so many teachers were interested, she assured us that every K-5 teacher would be able to have for their classrooms, and that she would even “find the money” to have you come out to work with our staff personally! Every one of our teachers has requested a copy and and now we are all anxiously awaiting their arrival. Your presentation was like a breath of fresh air! We can’t wait to begin ‘cracking the reading code’ with out students!”
Marie/ Reading Coach- Reading First
Boynton Beach, Florida

“Everyone at my new school just raved about the Secret Stories, so while at the National IRA conference, I attended one of your workshops….THEY WERE RIGHT!!!!   It is sooooo easy, even with my ‘intermediate’ background! I love how it fits with whatever I am teaching, in any subject!  I even dragged my husband in over the weekend to help me hang up all the posters so I could begin first thing Monday morning!!!  I am very excited, as I truly believe this is not only helping my students tremendously in reading, but in their written expression, as well!
Elise/ Fourth Grade Teacher
Port St. Lucie, Florida

“I ran into a teacher who attended one of your institute presentations at Harvard University, and has spoken of nothing else since!  She described your workshop as ‘life-changing,’ and couldn’t wait to try some of the strategies with her students! Well, we wanted you to know that having attended your workshop wasn’t just ‘life-changing’ for her, but for all of our students, as well!!! Just watching their faces as everything started to ‘come together’… WOW!!!
Edie/ Fourth-Fifth Grade- SLD
Boston, Massachusetts

“I saw your workshop at KRA, as my teachers had actually told me about you before I attended the conference. In fact, they INSISTED (in a very nice kind of way) “WE WANT HER!!” The teachers are so excited because of all the “talk” that has been going around our school about you. Apparently, one of our teachers had heard about you in a class that she was taking, and when she came back and began using some of your strategies and material, you have been the “thing” ever since!! (You had obviously made quite an impact on other schools in Kentucky, as well!) My teachers would like for you to come and work with us as soon as possible, and I have promised to make that happen, as I’ve never seen them this excited over anything before!”
Suzanne/ Reading First Literacy Specialist
Lexington, Kentucky

I have to tell you that the day our staff spent with you on Wednesday was the best in-service training I have ever attended! I was able to immediately start using the strategies you shared, and I am excited and so are my kids! My family at home thought I’s been abducted by aliens because at dinner I was telling every secret you’d shared at workshop that I could remember! My teenagers were impressed that you had motivated all those teachers without any power points, videos, or ‘stuff.’ Your humor was wonderful. You are so accurate on the reality of a real classroom. Even one of my most struggling readers picked up the excitement of the first few reading ‘secrets’ I shared and was so excited about going home to tell them to her parents. You were so right—teaching reading with the brain in mind really is like swimming WITH the current (as opposed to “against” it!)
Julie/ First Grade Teacher
Germantown, Tennessee

“I attended a district-wide PD workshop with you last week and absolutely loved every minute! I came back to my 2nd grade room and introduced some reading secrets immediately. My kids are now in LOVE with them and are SO into it, just as you said they’d be! I love that their newfound “need-to-know” is now driving my reading instruction! Thank you so much for such a rewarding & enjoyable day!”
Grace/ Second Grade Teacher
Charleston, South Carolina

“I have been singing praises since I saw you present a workshop a few years ago at the Florida Reading Conference when I was a Title I teacher. I was so thoroughly impressed by your presentation and would love to see it again! Everything you shared in regard to teaching reading/phonics with the brain in mind just made so much sense, and the increase in student reading levels was phenomenal! Please let me know when you’ll be in our area, as if there is anything I can do that will allow our teachers to experience your wonderful workshop, I would love to do it!”
Sharon/ Elementary School Principal
Ft. Myers, Florida

“We really enjoyed having you come out to our district for the staff workshop! I have already had many positive comments and my principals and teachers are already asking for more!”
Donna/ Director of Elementary Education
Liberty, Texas

“I thought of you while doing observations in my primary classrooms as I attended a workshop with you a few years ago, and have since implemented your strategies in two schools. I intend to make them part of the ‘woodwork’ here, as well. We are hoping to be Title I next year, which would allow for some additional Professional Development and hopefully for you to come out and work with my staff. I want my teachers to experience the incredible learning you have in store for them! As the kids would say-  ‘You Rock!!'”
Danielle/ Assistant Principal
Boca Raton, Florida

“I have not seen so much excitement from our teachers in the four years that I have been the assistant principal here!  They all LOVE the ‘secrets!’”
P.J./ Assistant Elementary School Principal
Atlanta, Georgia

“I have been an elementary grade teacher more years than I can count, and the strategies you shared at workshop were of more use to me, and more beneficial to my students, than anything I have ever brought back to my classroom!
Thank you for revitalizing my year!”

Carolyn/ Second Grade Teacher
Burbank, California

“I share this information with EVERY teacher I meet because I know the difference it makes!”
Heather/ Second Grade Teacher
Lake Worth, Florida

“These ‘secrets’ have even make their way into the office! I have actually created a ‘Wall of Secrets’ outside my door for students to share with myself and my assistant principal. Only one of my fifth grade teachers had attended your workshop at a neighboring school, and he liked it so much that he shared the information with his team members, and now they want kits for their classrooms! I am thrilled to see staff so rejuvenated about teaching reading!”
Charlotte/ Elementary School Principal
Dallas, Texas

“Since your workshop, I’ve seen these strategies in action in many schools, and the SAI/ Reading Teachers have all been praising the results with their students throughout this year.  I’ve recommended you to several principals, and just wanted to let you know what a ‘hit’ the ‘Secret Stories’ were becoming here!  Thanks so much!”
Sandra/ S.A.I Director/ Supplemental Educational Services
Palm Beach, Florida

“I was meeting with our Primary Curriculum Coordinator about having you come and train our entire district, and when I told her about you, she said that SHE was actually trained by you in another district she had been in prior to ours!  She couldn’t stop singing your praises!! All this to say…We want you to come!!!! And soon!!”

Stephanie/ Elementary School Principal
Norfolk, Virginia