Katie Garner’s 2017-2018 Speaking Schedule

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Katie Garner's Keynote at Nationla Literacy Conference

August 2017

8/1  RDA Title I State Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico

8/3 Mercer Schools PD/Workshop in Princeton, WV

8/4 Greenbrier Schools PD/Workshop in Lewisburg, WV

8/7 Mercer Schools PD/Workshop in Princeton, WV

8/21 Judson Schools PD/Workshop in San Antonio, TX

8/23 Camp Lejeune PD/Workshop in Wilmington, NC


9/18- 9/21 Heart of Georgia RESA Workshops for K, 1st, 2nd & 3rd

9/25 Wheeling RESA PD/Workshop in Wheeling, WV

9/26- 9/27 AIE Advancing Improvement in Education in San Antonio, TX

9/28 Berkeley Schools PD/Workshop in Martinsburg, WV

9/29 Shepherd University & Berkeley County PD/Workshop in Martinsburg, WV


10/12 North Dakota DPI Fall Conference in Bismarck, ND

10/13- 10/14 KTOT Kindergarten Teachers of Texas Conference in Houston, TX

10/20- 10/21 California Reading Conference in Los Angeles, CA 

10/25 Randolph Schools (Parent Workshop)

10/25 Randolph Schools PD/Workshop in Elkins, WV

10/26 Randolph Schools PD/Workshop— “Digging Deeper” in Elkins, WV

10/26 Randolph Schools (Parent Workshop)

10/27 Randolph Schools PD/Workshop in Elkins, WV

10/28 Mercer Schools PD/Workshop in Princeton, WV


11/1 Berkeley Schools PD/Workshop in Martinsburg, WV

11/2 Berkeley Schools PD/Workshop— “Digging Deeper ” in Martinsburg, WV

11/9- 11/10 Alabama Reading Conference in Birmingham, AL 

11/16- 11/17 West Virginia Reading Conference in Sulphur Springs, WV

*New dates continually added

January 2018  

1/2 Mercer School District PD/Workshop in Princeton, WV

1/17 SSTAGE Promising Practices Conference in Athens, GA

1/12- 1/14 California Kindergarten Conference in Santa Clara, CA 

1/26 Wilson Primary Center PD/Workshop in Summit, NJ (Initial & Digging Deeper)

1/30- 1/31 South Pontotoc District PD/Workshop in Pontotoc, MS


2/1- 2/2 North Pontotoc District PD/Workshop in Pontotoc, MS

2/3 Arkansas Online Reading Conference (more info to come)

2/8 National Title I Conference in Philadelphia, PA 

2/9 CCIRA Colorado Reading  Conference in Denver, CO 

2/15 Shepherd University/Berkeley Schools Workshop in Martinsburg, WV

2/21 National LDA Learning Disabilities Conference in Atlanta, GA

2/22- 2/23  SCIRA South Carolina Reading Conference in Hilton Head, SC


3/17  Michigan Reading Conference in Detroit, MI

3/19- 3/20 NCRA North Carolina Reading Conference in Raleigh, NC  

3/27- 3/28 Montana State Title I Conference in Helena, MT


4/11- 4/13 SoMirac Maryland State Reading Conference in Baltimore, MD 


5/2- 5/4 Common Ground Conference in Ocean City, MD

5/29 Camp Lejeune Marine Base Elementary Schools in Jacksonville, FL


6-13 Berkeley Heights Elem “Digging Deeper” PD/Workshop in Martinsburg, WV


7/9- 7/11 NAESP National Principals Conference  in Orlando, FL

7/12 Wyoming School District PD/Workshop in Pineville, WV

7/20- 7/23 ILA International Literacy Conference in Austin, TX 


8/8 Lake County Schools PD/Workshop in Lake County, Florida

*Please check back often, as dates are added continually and are subject to change.

NOTE: It is sometimes possible to make adjustments to the above scheduled travel dates to accommodate specific date requests for professional development. To inquire, contact Katie directly at Katie@TheSecretStories.com or you may call (828) 551-4778.

Keynote Summit Series across the US & Canada through 2018

Keynote Summit Series across the US & Canada through 2018