Secret Stories Phonics— Cracking the Reading Code with the Brain In Mind!SECRET STORIES® Phonics

SECRET STORIES® Cracking the Reading Code with the Brain in Mind! is a multi-sensory, brain based approach to phonics instruction that accelerates early and struggling learner-access to the code. By targeting phonics instruction to the earlier developing affective, or “feeling” domain, SECRET STORIES® breaks down grade level walls of skill introduction that can limit early learner-access to the whole reading and writing code. Designed to underscore existing K-2 (and struggling 3-5) core reading curriculum and instruction, SECRET STORIES® employs visual, auditory and kinesthetic means to activate every learning channel and personally connect learners of all ages to critical phonics skills.

Because letters and sounds have no inherent meaning. phonics can be as difficult to teach as it is to learn. The seemingly endless array of sounds that letters make when they get together can often appear random and overwhelming… unless you know the letters’ secrets!

SECRET STORIES® are ‘grown-up’ reading and writing secrets that explain the sounds letters make when they’re NOT doing what they should! The phonics Secrets provide the logical explanations that learners’ brains crave for WHY letters make the many different sounds that they do— making them easy to understand and remember, even for kindergartners! By shifting phonics instruction to align with the brain, rather than against it, even advanced and complex phonics patterns are easily and effortlessly acquired, regardless of age or grade level.

SECRET STORIES® eliminates the need for rote memorization of sight words and repetitive skill-based practice as learners don’t have to memorize what makes sense. Instead, they can immediately apply Secrets they know to read books that are of genuine interest and to write the stories that they want to tell. And teachers who know the Secrets no longer have to answer student questions about how to read or spell a word with, “It just is… It just does… You’ll just have to remember!”  They can tell them the Secrets!

Watch this two minute clip from SECRET STORIES® author, Katie Garner, at the National Title I Conference. You can also view highlights from Katie’s featured presentation at this year’s 2017 National Title I Conference (as well as watch the full-length version) here.

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Hacking the Brain’s Affective Domain — A “Backdoor” Route to Critical Phonics Skills!

Secret Stories®— Tapping into the Affective Learning Domain for Critical Phonics Skill Access