Secret Stories Phonics— Cracking the Reading Code with the Brain In Mind!SECRET STORIES® Phonics

Secret Stories® is a brain-based solution to the age-old problem of how to teach meaningless phonics skills in a meaningful way!

Secret Stories® is a multi-sensory “backdoor” delivery method for accelerated phonics skill mastery that activates every learning channel. It is not a program, but an open-ended, cross-grade level, teaching tool-kit that provides the logical explanations for letter sound behaviors that learners’ brains crave.

These logical explanations are shared in the form of “secret” stories— the secret reasons WHY letters make the sounds that they do. Based on a foundation of familiar emotional connections and social experiences, each short sound story becomes a strong memory-holding template and provides a much-needed framework for memory construction.

Working seamlessly with existing reading curriculum and instruction, Secret Stories® breaks down the grade level walls of phonics skill introduction that delay learner access to the whole reading and writing code. By cloaking phonics skills as “secrets” that learners want to know, they are easy to teach and can be shared as needed— whenever and wherever they are encountered, throughout the entire instructional day. The more Secrets that learners know, the more they can read and write independently.

Secret Stories® offers a learner-driven, buffet-style approach to phonics skill instruction that aligns with the brain’s “need to know” for accelerated access to the WHOLE reading and writing code, and from the earliest possible grade levels. By taking advantage of the brain science and tapping earlier-developing, back door learning pathways for accelerated phonics skill access, beginning grade level learners need not wait years for comprehensive access to the code. They can have the skills in kindergarten.

Secret Stories® explicit, systematic and multi-sensory approach to phonics skill instruction provides a critical base of support to any existing reading and/or phonics curriculum, making it one of the most highly effective, reading instruction concepts available to educators.

Simply put, Secret Stories® makes phonics make SENSE!

Watch this two-minute clip of SECRET STORIES® author, Katie Garner at the National Reading Conference (below) and view highlights from one of Katie’s featured presentations at the National Title I Conference here.

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